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HEADLINE 1: "There's been nothing but controversy"

COPY: And rumors. And innuendo. But the truth is, Colour Supreme Long Wearable Lipstick clings to my lips for hours. Staying creamy without drying or fading. These secrets should never leave my lips. But I can trust you.

Colour Supreme Long Wearable Lipstick.


HEADLINE 2: "I am innocent"

COPY: It's my lashes that are guilty. Guilty of being unbelievably long. Guilty of being devastatingly curly. Guilty of attracting loads of attention. L'Oreal Lash-Out Extending Mascara will transform your short little lashes into such long, sweeping lashes they'll probably land you in loads of trouble. Then you can confess how much you really like it.

Lash-out Extending Mascara.

TAG: Not for the girl next door.

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